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Available in RVD®-EMR for Mains or Isolated Power.

 For Fixed Internal Position Use Only

The Mini has a smaller enclosure box.

T Box IP66 box 80mmx130mmx85mm with metal fixing plate.


Leads are made to order 300mm to 1 meter on Input. Heavy Duty 1.5mm2 lead from 10amp plug to enclosure.

300mm to 7 meters on Output. Heavy Duty 2.5mm2 lead from enclosure to 15amp Socket.

Please put length requirements in the notes section when you go to checkout.

NOTE: If no length requirements are noted the leads will be sent out with 1 meter input & 7 meters output.

The RVDSAFE® RVD-EMR lead can be also configured 10Amp Plug to15Amp Socket and 15Amp Plug to 15Amp Socket.


Includes Torni-k straps (valued at $20).

Approved to AS/NZS3190 Class H: IP66 Approval Number NSW 27242.

RVD- EMR LEADS are represented by the letters MR are to work with the MEN (MULTIPLE EARTH NEUTRAL) SYSTEM and add an extra line of safety by allowing the RCBO to work when on MAINS POWER and the RVD to FORCE the RCBO to work when on ISOLATED POWER where an RCD/RCBO will not work by itself so the M means Mains and to add to the safety feature the R means it can reject REVERSE E POLARITY.

The RVDSAFE® RVD-EMR PATENTED PRODUCT is the only PRODUCT to achieve this level of safety.






If you are using an illegal Cheater Lead, you can replace it with a legal cheater lead, however the RVDSAFE® Power lead gives you the legal features, plus an RVD®.


10Amp/10Amp, 10Amp/15Amp (EI Generator Power Only), 10Amp/15Amp (EMR Mains and Generator Power), 15Amp/15Amp (EI Generator Power Only), 15Amp/15Amp (EMR Mains and Generator Power)

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