Vehicle / RVThe RVDSAFE® technology can significantly improve your vehicles safety through enhanced electrical protection for mains supplies and protecting an unearthed generator or inverter. When operating in a mains powered situation or when operating from an ‘unbonded portable generator or power inverter’ the RVD® in combination with RCD provides enhanced electrical protection through an ‘additional layer of electrical protection’ as follows:

  • loss of or high impedance earth environments,
  • loss of supply neutral integrity (the largest cause of electrical shock in Australia),
  • and a voltage rise of 43V on the frame of equipment or the vehicle/caravan,
  • protection for unearthed generators and inverters.
  • enhanced electrical protection in earthed and unearthed environments.

Most portable generators sold in Australia are unbonded, however some are converted in Australia to be a bonded type, where the Neutral and Earth are connected together in a bid to make the RCD function. This method has proven unsuccessful with some regulatory authorities recommending against it.