The RVD® provides unprecedented level of electrical protection for the Inverter industry.



Features include:

  • Built-in overload and AC/DC voltage protection
  • Standards Approved
  • Broader electrical fault protection
  • Test, reset and fault indicator
  • Simple, safe and effective
  • Auto restart after fault correction
  • AC short circuit protection
  • No need for an earth stake


Product Benefits

  • Additional layer of protection wider range of fault detection,
  • No fault current, no damage to equipment,
  • Reduced error in set-up or deployment,
  • No earth stake required,
  • Enhanced productivity,
  • Detects the ‘non-dangerous 1st fault condition’ in IT environment
  • Allows IT environment to be used as a safe and stable platform,
  • Monitors the earth and isolates under fault condition.


  • Monitors the frame for a 43V leakage,
  • Isolates 8mA of fault current,
  • Isolates in under 20mSec,
  • Compliant with and exceeding the requirements of safety in installation as specified in AS/NZS3000.


Straight Inverters: RVD®-EI External installation coupled to an RCBO where power is only inverter.

Combi Inverter Chargers: RVD®-EMR  External installation where both mains power and inverter power is available from the Combi outlet.

The use of the EMR which has Reverse Polarity Protection is more for Recreation Vehicles where power supplies of multiple venues has the potential to produce a damaging Reverse Pole Situation.