The Residual Voltage Technology

Since 2013 the concept Reverse Polarity Rejection has been patented and marketed by RVD-Safe as an RVD-EMR.

 The standard AS-NZS_3001.2-2022 was released on the 18th November 2022 giving 12 months grace before mandating and comes into force November 2023.

Page 24, 2.6.4 Protection against incorrect polarity, for every single -phase external supply, protection against transposition of active & neutral conductors.  

Transposition sensor, commonly referred to as a reverse polarity sensor.

The 16amp combination RCBO & RVD-EMR is leading the way forward in RV safety.

A Residual Voltage Device works with isolated power such as Generators and Inverters and monitors voltage leakage to earth and can be set up to monitor on L1 only or both L1 and L2  and will trip and RCBO before the voltage leakage reaches the 50V Touch Potential Voltage where danger to life and limb can occur whereas an RCD (Residual Current Device) which is designed for the MEN system and will not work with isolated power unless an ENB (Earth Neutral Bond) is created and this then may compromise the isolation integrity in a fault situation where the AC side can power the DC side with potentially fatal results.

To help explain the Technology Further please read the following:

Residual Voltage Device/RVD®-E, RVD®-EI, & RVD®-EMR. We reject reverse polarity from mains connections and protect the use of Generators and Inverters plugged into all vehicle requiring 240V power where RCD protection does not work. We are Australian Owned, Australian Designed, Australian Made and Supported with genuine Australian Warranty.

The “R” in EMR model indicates rejection of reverse polarity on mains power and the combination of RVD ®/RCBO -16A replaces the existing RCD/RCBO at the power entry to the vehicle adding protection for both mains power and isolated power and the RVD-EMR will cover mains inlet loss of supply earth by automatically making Active and Neutral into L1 and L2 and continuing to supply power to the vehicle or boat connected.

In a static domestic application you should not encounter a Reverse Polarity situation but when moving to locations all over the Country you may not have this same surety and the RVD-EMR® stops any potential damage from reverse polarity with your incoming power and allows you to ether swap the supply or move to a correctly installed site saving repairs and down time in accessing an Electrician and replacement parts if needed.

The RVD® -EMR is also used with Combi – Inverter Chargers with mains bypass and one outlet so the RCBO handles the safety when on mains power and the RVD® handles the safety when on isolated inverter power.

The RVD®-EI is for use with all straight Inverters and portable generators.

The RVD®-E is a self activating unit with test and test buttons (No RCBO Needed) for fitment into some portable generators such as Honda 2EU.

We do note however a section about households in the website but to achieve this an Isolation transformer is needed and approval from the service provider so for now we specifically dedicate the use to transportable vehicles such as RVs, both Land and Marine such as Recreation Boats, Motorhomes, Caravans, Camper Vans, Emergency Vehicles, Generators and Inverters