DomesticThe safeguard your family is paramount. The use of a safelec RVD® in your home provides an ‘additional layer of protection’ not currently covered by your safety switch (RCD). New building practices have seen less earth paths from the home to the ground with earthing now being completely reliant on the earth-stake to ensure a low impedance earth-path. The RVD® works in combination with the RCD and raises the bar on safety, lessening the risk of harm coming to your loved ones. The RVD® looks similar to your RCD and is as easy to install using a license electrician.

The RVD®:

  • Protects against a bad earth or high impedance situation
  • Provides protection against a ‘burnt off neutral’ from the supply authority (see below)- the biggest cause of electric shock in Australia, where an RCD does not see a current imbalance leaving a person at a high risk of electric shock from any metal appliance- washing machine, fridge, toaster etc.
  • Can protect against reverse polarity, potentially safeguarding sensitive equipment.

Any of these scenarios could easily impact your family!

Safeguard your family today