Mining IndustryThe next generation of miners will enter the work force knowing they are protected by the worlds safest electrical protection the RVDSAFE® technology. The opportunities for mining companies to utilize the safe RVDSAFE® technology are enormous. Some of those areas where electrical safety can be enhanced with the use of the RVD® are:

  • Portable generators, power inverters and Lighting Plant,
  • UPS applications,
  • IT Power distribution installations,
  • Wet electrical areas – vehicle wash bays and wash plants,
  • 110V Control applications,
  • Conventional MEN earthed environments where earthing may become compromised,
  • Earth Loop Impedance problem areas (conveyors or long runs),
  • Vehicular applications (Mains power one moment inverter/isolated power the next),
  • Power-board scenario for similar application to above,
  • Portable building applications,
  • Shut-down application (using the benefits of IT with RVD®),
  • Protection against touch potential issues,
  • ‘Insurance’ against all the costs associated with electrical incidents by mitigating the risk.

Mining IndustryThe RVDSAFE® technology can be applied during the construction phase or retrofitted during maintenance / overhaul schedules to minimise down time.