Revolutionary Technology

The RVDSAFE® technology is essentially an electrical safety isolation mechanism. Whilst the RVD® performs a similar function to the “safety switches” or Residual Current Devices (RCD’S), its operation is different to that of the RCD. Instead of sensing fault current as with the RCD, the RVD® senses fault voltage; both disturbances are associated with insulation breakdown.When a voltage above a predetermined level of 43V is detected, the RVD® is triggered, triggering the RCD/RCBO thus isolating the protected circuit in under 20mSec, this is called “Rapid Isolation”.

The primary function of the device is to provide electrical safety for personnel and for equipment protection against insulation failure.

The RVDSAFE® Technology provides tripping characteristics that are equal to or better than those of the standard RCD and in some cases, it can provide tripping in response to faults that will not active RCD’s.

The RVD® is designed to accompany any RCD/RCBO to provide ‘an additional layer’ of electrical protection creating a novel method of fault detection, current and voltage faults. The device enables enhanced protection in the TN (MEN), TT and IT earthing systems.

RVDSAFE® Product Benefits

  • Unique dual Earth Fault current and voltage sensing.
  • Earth Fault Tripping Characteristics equal to or better than an RCD
  • An add on to most brands of RCD/RCBO
  • Provides an additional layer of protection to an RCD/RCBO
  • Specific RVD®-E models enhances protection in all earthing systems- TN(MEN), TT and IT
  • Safeguards compromised earth environments (high impedance earthing)
  • Protects against the dangerous ‘loss of supply neutral’to earth
  • Reversed polarity sensitive
  • Voltage Detection 43V to frame- touch potential
  • Broader range of fault detection
  • Consumes 8mA of fault current
  • Minimising Risk


Specifications RCD RVD® GFCI
Isolations speed ms 15-40 average 5-20 average 25 average
Isolation milliamps 10-30 average 8 constant 5
Fault type detection Current to earth voltage to earth current to ground
Operating voltage range 192-264 88-264 88-121
Operating Temperature C -10 – +47 -10 – +77 -10 – +47
Impulse withstand test 6kV 6kV 6kV
Reverse Polarity Sensitive No Yes No
Input Voltage 240 110-240 110
Frequency 50 Hz 50-60 Hz 60 Hz


There is no specific standard that is available for the RVD®/RCBO device because of the dual method of fault detection. In the absence of such a specific standard the device has been tested and compliant with those sections which are appropriate with normal RCD standards. The Australian Standards are AS/NZ 3190 and AS/NZ 3100 and the RVDSAFE® technology exceeds the requirements of safety installations as specified in AS/NZS 3000.