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Since 2013 the concept Reverse Polarity Rejection has been patented and marketed by RVD-Safe as an RVD-EMR.

The standard AS-NZS_3001.2-2022 was released on the 18th November 2022 giving 12 months grace before mandating and came into force November 2023.

Page 24, 2.6.4 Protection against incorrect polarity, for every single -phase external supply, protection against transposition of active & neutral conductors.

Transposition sensor, commonly referred to as a reverse polarity sensor.

Available in RVD®-EMR for Mains or *Isolated Power with Reverse Polarity Rejection on Mains Power.


(*Isolated Power is Inverter or Generator)


Approved to AS/NZS3190 Class H: ip66 Approval Number NSW 27242.

AS/NZS3001 requires park leads to be a minimum of 10Mtr and we feel that 15Mtr is a good purpose length so the EI leads and EMR leads are regardless EI or EMR are 15Mtr.

RVD-EI LEADS are for isolated power represented by the letter I and meets the requirements of the Standard AS/NZS3000- 2018 the legally adopted Standard with Section 7.4 PROTECTION BY ELECTRICAL SEPARATION (ISOLATED POWER) and this covers ISOLATED INVERTERS and PORTABLE GENERATORS that supply isolated power and using the RVD-EI takes away the conflicting ENB (earth neural bond) use that compromises the isolation integrity and allows the Inverter to stay isolated complying with the ELECTRICAL SAFETY ACT by  MAINTAINING an ISOLATED INVERTER STATUS.

THE RVD-EI LEAD can be assembled 10Amp Plug to 15Amp Socket and 15Amp Plug to 15Amp Socket.

POWER LEAD ON REEL being 10Amp Plug to 10Amp socket that is 25Mtr for Trades use of isolated products.


The RVDSAFE®  RVD-EI PATENTED PRODUCT is the only PRODUCT to achieve this level of safety.


RVD- EMR LEADS are represented by the letters EMR are to work with the MEN (MULTIPLE EARTH NEUTRAL) SYSTEM and add an extra line of safety by allowing the RCBO to work when on MAINS POWER and the RVD to FORCE the RCBO to work when on ISOLATED POWER where an RCD/RCBO will not work by itself so the M means Mains and to add to the safety feature the R means it can reject REVERSE E POLARITY.

The RVDSAFE® RVD-EMR lead can be also configured 10Amp Plug to15Amp Socket and 15Amp Plug to 15Amp Socket


The RVDSAFE® RVD-EMR PATENTED PRODUCT is the only product to achieve this level of safety.

If you are using an illegal Cheater Lead, you can replace it with a legal cheater lead, however the RVDSAFE® Power lead gives you the legal features, plus an RVD®.


10Amp/10Amp, 10Amp/15Amp (EI Generator Power Only), 10Amp/15Amp (EMR Mains and Generator Power), 15Amp/15Amp (EI Generator Power Only), 15Amp/15Amp (EMR Mains and Generator Power)

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