Example 1

The RVDSAFE® unit was built for the rear back canopy wall of a Dodge Ram that tows a Caravan.

The owner intends to have it fitted by Metalink on the Sunshine Coast who built his canopy.

The owner wanted to be able to have mains power and generator power with outlet sockets for use in the tow vehicle including battery charging and also to interconnect with the Caravan. He wanted to plug either mains or generator into the 16A external input and run a lead back to his caravan.

So we created a New RVDSAFE® AC Power Inlet box that has 16A input socket and 10A output socket in the front face on the outside of the canopy.

A double socket outlet for use on the inside in the back of the canopy, along with an RVD®-EMR.16A and a Rotary switch with a CMS input plug on the side to take an inverter.

If he wanted to, he can go to a hard wired generator as the rotary switch is 3 way we can just add another CMS plug setup.
He can now just connect the inverter via a 300MM 10A lead at the side of the box.

Clipsal inlet 15A socket and 10A outlet socket were used on the front of the box as he already had them and this kept his cost down.

The three pictures below are displaying this RVDSAFE® power entry, which has been custom designed and built to give all the features that the customer required.

They are currently numerous proposed versions of the of the RVDSAFE® Power Entry Box that include both RV and Marine Applications, so tell us what you think you need and we will see if we can Custom Build it for you.