This week has been an exciting week as we have introduced a new Australian Owned and made Product that uses Smart Brain Technology and we have assembled a Custom RVD-SAFE® power inlet and incorporated the SMART BRAIN TECHNOLOGY module into the inlet and found no conflict between the two technologies and we can now offer safer power with cleaner power with surge protection that makes for better TV reception clearer sound and protection from surge damage to air-conditioning, computers, micro waves, flickering lights and sensitive equipment.

Yesterday a test was conducted with a washing machine in a motor home that would not run off a largely used a generator and it worked and the owners wife was excited and said this is a first now I will be able to use the washing machine whenever I want to so we are happy for her and excited that another Australian Technology can be used with our Australian technology the RVDSAFE® product to improve both safety of use and now efficiency of use.

The testing was conducted by Simon or Overland Touring Solutions at Pialba Queensland and you can see Simon at the Maryborough Fraser Coast Exhibition the week after next.

We now will embark on the inclusion of SMART BRAIN TECHNOLOGY in two Custom models of the RVDSAFE® Power inlet one a budget model and one a premium model with the budget model giving over 30% improvement in efficiency than any thing else in the market and the premium for people who want nothing but the best.