VITAL CARAVAN SAFETY started with the RVD and now is only with the RVD by having REVERSE POLARITY REJECTION where with a caravan or RV that travels the country you cannot be sure that where you stop and plug into power supplied by others that the power is supplied correctly and if it is not then you may suffer damage to your RCD/RCBO but with an RVD-EMR-16A fitted at the inlet to your Recreation Vehicle you have the only product that can give you the VITAL CARAVAN SAFETY.

Brain Smart Technology

This week has been an exciting week as we have introduced a new Australian Owned and made Product that uses Smart Brain Technology and we have assembled a Custom RVD-SAFE® power inlet and incorporated the SMART BRAIN TECHNOLOGY module into the inlet and found no conflict between the two technologies and we can now offer safer power with cleaner power with surge protection that makes for better TV reception clearer sound and protection from surge damage to air-conditioning,