Front cover 15A Socket and IP66 RVD®/RCBO.

Back cover Twin Socket double pole outlet.

Will suit wall thickness of 3mm to 55mm.

NOTE: Read how we can customise this product to suit your requirements

Please note: This product does not come with the installation jig as featured in the photos. These need to be hired/purchased separately.


Australian Designed & Australian Built.

  • Fit and Power up.
  • No electrician needed.
  • Camper Trailers, Camper Vans.

A further 8 models soon to be released to cover most AC power supplies for recreation vehicles both Land and Marine and Emergency Service Vehicles or for that matter any vehicle want a simple 240V power source with Maximum Safety whether Mains, Generator or Inverter supplied.

Product is assembled to order and is currently available within 14 days of receipt of an order.

Will suit wall thickness of 3mm to 55mm.


White Box, Black Box

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