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RVD® Specification

The Residual Voltage Detection Unit RVD®-EI electrically connected to the power circuit RCBO is designed for use in floating IT electrical earthing systems. The combination of the RCBO/RVD®-EI provides both over current and Earth Leakage fault protection from either L1 or L2 to the RVD®-EI Sense Line which must be connected to the power circuit GPO earth terminal or the earth/frame depending on the electrical distribution system implemented. If the RVD®-EI unit detects an earth/frame voltage or leakage current from either L1 or L2 to the RVD®-EI Sense Line above the specifications detailed below, RVD®-EI will automatically trip the electrically connected RCD/RCBO and isolate the supply voltage to the load. The RVD®-EI overcomes the problems associated with Earth Neutral Bonding that can suffer from High Impedance where an RCD/RCBO may not work and may also compromise the isolation of the input to output requirement of Inverters and Generators.

Residual Voltage Device (RVD®)
RVD®-EI Specification Installation Manual

RVD®-EMR Specification Installation Manual

Physical Data

Dimensions: 18mm W, 78mm H and 65mm D
DIN rail mountable

Connections are:

  • L1 (Neutral) line-side – Blue
  • L2 (Active) load-side – Brown
  • Earth/Frame (Sensor) – Green/Yellow

The device will in no way impede or interfere with the normal operation of an RCD/RCBO.

Technical Data

  • Certified to AS/NZS3190 and exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS3000,
  • Compliance Approval No: NSW25662,
  • Voltage detection: approximately 43 volts (below ‘touch potential’ level),
  • Trip Current: approximately 25mA,
  • Trip time: approximately 20mSec,
  • Associated RCD/RCBO actuating current imbalance trip level: 30mA
  • Voltage rating: 220 to 240VAC, or 110 to 120VAC
  • Frequency: 50Hz,
  • Unit operates alongside most brands and current rated RCD/RCBOs,
  • Detects active or neutral connection to earth/frame,
  • Red LED indication on fault detection



10Amps, 16Amps, 20Amps

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