Subaru GeneratorCustomised Generators with the highest level of electrical protection setting new standards for onsite safety and productivity.

RVDSAFE® provides portable generators to your specification and complete with the RVDSAFE® technology so you know you have the highest level of electrical safety at your disposal.

  • Designed for Generators Systems
  • The RVD® provides ‘an additional layer’ of electrical protection to the RCD/RCBO,
  • Enables electrical protection neutral bonded (TN) and Isolated (IT) generators
  • No need for an earth stake allowing for rapid deployment
  • Enables multiple pieces of class 1 equipment to be used from the one isolated power source
  • Reduces OH&S risks
  • Enhances productivity

Works with Any Generator

Our RVD® can be retrofitted to any generator or manufactured within new generators. Contact us to find out more.

Honda Generator

Product Benefits

  • There is no specific standard that is available for the RVD®/RCBO device because of the dual method of fault detection. In the absence of such a specific standard the device has been tested and compliant with those sections which are appropriate with normal RCD standards. This is Australian Standards AS/NZ 3190 and AS/NZ 3100, exceeding the requirements of safety installations as specified in AS/NZS 3000. An ‘add on’ to the RCD/RCBO,
  • Additional layer of protection
  • Operates as a safeguard,
  • Enhances protection in all earthing systems – TN(MEN), TT and IT,
  • Detects 43V to frame-touch potential,
  • Broader range of fault detection,
  • Detects the ‘non-dangerous 1st fault condition’ in IT environment
  • Allows IT environment to be used as a safe and stable platform,
  • Consumes 8mA of fault current,
  • Monitors the earth and rapidly isolates under fault condition.
Himoinsa Generator


  • Monitors the frame for a 43V leakage,
  • Isolates 8mA of fault current,
  • Isolates in under 20mSec,
  • Compliant with and exceeding the requirements of safety in installation as specified in AS/NZS3000.


Our product can be adapted to any generator. However we can supply the following generators:

  • Crommelins
  • Honda
  • Subaru